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In The Name of Allah the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful.
"To those who do good, there is good in this world, and the Home of the hereafter is even better. (Quran 16:30)"
Asalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh

Respected brothers and sister in Islam, An-Nur Foundation was first established in 1995 by 10 founding members who met at each other’s houses to recite and understand the Quran. In 1996, the 10 brothers bought a small house in the north east part of Baltimore county, which was used as a mosque. Over the course of years, the membership grew to more than 300+ members which the small house could no longer accommodate.
In 2008, An-Nur Foundation purchased 4.4 acres of land to build a mosque. Construction was estimated at $ 4-5 million dollars.  In 2010, the Foundation purchased the adjacent car dealership that was being liquidated by Chrysler Financial for $2.75 million dollars. This site already had 38,000 sq ft of existing buildings. The 5,000 sq ft showroom now serves as our mosque and Sunday School center.
Our Vision
  • To provide appropriate and comprehensive training and development for the community
  • To develop and maintain suitable and viable economic ventures that will help our community towards financial stability
  • To provide premier social services that will enhance the well-being of Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • To facilitate suitable recreational programs and activities to attract our members and improve their quality of life.
  • To invite people to the religion of Islam.
Our Objectives
  • Provide a full-time Imam for the mosque
  • Open the mosque for all 5 daily prayers
  • Provide counseling Services
  • Provide Muslim Marriage services
  • Provide Jumaa prayers and Khutbah
  • Provide Quran classes for children and adults
  • Upkeep Islamic festivities
  • Provide Taraweeh prayers and Iftars on Ramadhan weekends
  • Provide weekly Tafsir and Hadith class for men and women
  • Provide Sunday School for our children
  • Provide Health Fairs for the community
For the Community
  • To strengthen the faith of Muslims and improve their understanding and practice of Islam.
  • To promote unity and brotherhood among Muslims.
  • To establish daily congregational prayers, Jumaa (Friday) prayers, Ramadan programs, and Eid’s at appointed times.
  • To maintain various Islamic services, e.g. weekend school, adequate services, weekly halaqah sessions for women, men, and youth, hafiz program, and Quran classes.
  • To conduct social, cultural and other activities within the scope of Islam.
  • To promote friendly relations and better understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims.
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