Mission Statement

The purpose of An-Nur Sunday School is to provide children with basic Islamic knowledge and etiquette, enhance the Islamic awareness in light of Quran & Sunnah enlighten and foster identity as practicing Muslims.

Imam Yasir going through Islamic Studies Lessons

In Islamic Studies, students learn many key aspects of Islam such as Aqidah (beliefs), etiquettes, Taharah (cleanliness), the five pillars, and the stories of the Prophets, Sahaba, and much more. 

Student learning to call the athan

During the Sunday School, students learn to put Islam into practice, such as etiquette. They also develop leadership skills and are encouraged to demonstrate them. Thus, preparing them for the future to become practicing Muslims, insha'Allah. 

Student is learning the Quran

During the Quranic study period in Sunday School, students learn and memorize the Quran. Through the study of Tafsir, students establish a deeper connection with the Word of Allah.

Student applying new knowledge

Students learn to read and recite the Quran with Tajweed using the Noorani Qa'idah. They apply the makharij (origins of sound) and rules of recitation (pronouncing each letter perfectly).

Students learning life lessons

Before the prayer, small reminders are given regarding practical aspects of life, such as how to deal with family, friends, and people at large. Lessons stress the importance of how to behave in the home, school, and other social settings. 

Students Receive their Awards

Weeks of learning about their beautiful deen culminate with an award ceremony where students receive their promotion and achievement awards.

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